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The goal of the game is to be the first player to play all of the tiles from your pool, taking advantage of special tiles and squares on the board.

42 Tiles Each

28 Tiles Each

21 Tiles Each

Put all tiles face down and shuffle them. Divide them into even player pools.

Each player draws five tiles from their pool and places them on their rack.

If you prefer more skill and less luck in your game, shuffle the colored tiles separately from wind tiles when starting the game and divide them into even player pools. Then, equally distribute wind tiles to each player and have them shuffle the tiles into their personal pool.

         Tournament style play


Regular move:

On your turn you add one tile to the board next to an existing tile, matching

all adjacent (not diagonal) tiles based on either color or shape.


You can use a move or spend stones (1 Sunstone or 2 Halfstones) to exchange some or all of your tiles for new ones (no peeking).

what if I can’t play any tiles in my rack?



if you can’t place a tile or make an

exchange, you have to pass.

Ending a Turn:

At the end of every turn, draw tiles from your pool so you always end up with five tiles in your rack. play continues clockwise.

 Taking your turn

First move:

The youngest player goes first by placing one tile from their

rack on the center (moon) square and then completes their

turn by drawing one tile from their pool.

On your turn, you can spend stones to play extra moves or exchange tiles.

1 Sunstone = 1 extra move

2 halfstones = 1 extra move

Earning stones:

To earn a stone, place your tile so it matches the color or shape of more than one tile already on the board. The more tiles you match in a single move, the more stones you earn, as shown below.


play tile matches by color

or shape on 2 sides

earn one halfstone


play tile matches by color

or shape on 3 sides

earn one sunstone


play tile matches by color

or shape on 4 sides

earn two sunstones

Sunstone limit:

If you have more than three sunstones at the end of a  turn, the extra stones must be discarded.

Halfstones are Unlimited.

 Stones & Extra Moves

Wind tiles may be used to move a previously played tile up, down, left, or right to an open adjacent square. The tile you move does not have to match adjacent tiles. After playing a wind tile, discard it, and make one additional move.

Buying a wind tile:

Three sunstones can be exchanged for a discarded wind tile (if you have space on your rack).


slide a tile over 1 square,

discard wind tile

earn one extra move

in four-player games, reduce the cost of buying back a wind tile to two sunstones.


  Wind buy-back (4 Player Games)

 Wind Tiles

 Sun Squares

When you play a tile on a sun square, you earn one sunstone. Using a wind tile to shift a tile onto a sun square doesn’t count.


Place tile on sun square

Earn one sunstone

 Ending the game

You win by being the first player with no tiles left in either your pool or rack. If all players are forced to pass, the player with the fewest remaining tiles wins.

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